Learn from your target audience in your own online community.

Insight Communities

New patterns of consumer behavior and rising customer expectations are business challenges equally as important as regulatory changes and increasing competition. And in a business environment marked by unprecedented change, the need to make confident, fact-based decisions at warp speed has become the new normal.

Is customer feedback quick enough to impact decision-making across your business?
Which products and services are preferred by your customers?
What are your customers’ desires for new products and services?
How are your customers reacting to your Marketing and Communication efforts in an ever crowded space?

These business challenges need to be addressed to allow you to more closely understand what makes your customers tick so you can make better, more impactful business decisions.

Making customer engagement a part of your business strategy creates opportunities for bottom line success. Companies around the globe are responding to these challenges by partnering with customers to drive innovation and you can, too, with an Insight Community.

Two-Way Authentic Engagements That Drive Business Insight and Advocacy

Insight Communities allow companies to engage with customers in an ongoing, two-way dialogue that provides you with actionable intelligence you can use to develop a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and make confident business decisions.

Composed of your most trusted stakeholders – your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni – an Insight Community provides them with the opportunity to provide you with rapid, ongoing feedback in a manner that respects their individuality as well as complements other data sources, like Big Data, CRM, and social media analytics.

Insight Communities are built on long-term, meaningful relationships between brands and customers. Due to the long-lasting relationships they build with the companies, the community members become invested in the company’s long-term success and continually engage to offer the kind of high-quality feedback that leads to actionable insight.

Deliver Customer Insights to the Entire Organization through Ongoing Engagement

The continuous and iterative nature of Insight Communities connects today’s empowered consumer to product planners, designers, brand managers, and C-Suite executives. Shared understanding will drive collaborative business goals and unite your organization around your most precious asset – your customer.

Whether you are looking for an agile forum for conducting surveys or to regularly connect with your customers in a long-term engagement, an Insight Community is a real-time, cost-effective framework that delivers results.

Insight Communities Drive Significant ROI for Organizations

Ongoing dialogue with your community members drives fast, actionable, consumer insight into your business, saving you time and money. In addition to increasing your efficiency and cost savings, studies have proven that Insight Communities result in incremental sales and profit for organizations.

Forrester Consulting completed a Total Economic Impact™ Study that quantified the financial value of continually engaging with members in an Insight Community, confirming the high ROI organizations receive from these long-term relationships.

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