Yes, we are full-service, with a toolbox full of the absolute latest and best methods and techniques. And a strong dedication to quality, security, and privacy permeates everything we do. From problem definition, questionnaire construction and sampling to qualitative and quantitative data acquisition. From the latest techniques in data processing to advanced statistical analysis and sophisticated reporting tools. Full service, indeed!

Our Analytics and Modeling group provides our clients with access to leading-edge quantitative research techniques.

Global Research – With an office in London, England and research partners throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America, Morpace provides true global reach. And, our proprietary Online Translation Programming Tool provides unprecedented accuracy and efficiency for multi-language studies.

Qualitative Research – Morpace combines technology and exploratory qualitative techniques to bring your customers to life.

Quantitative Research – Morpace staff of survey design methodologists include sampling statisticians who can help clients design an optimal sampling plan for any type of research, and experts in questionnaire construction including the use of appropriate scales, sample weighting, and variance calculation.

Reporting and Communication – Morpace harnesses the power of the Internet to expand the breadth of reporting to offer you interactive data mining and custom report tools, created on-the-fly. We develop reports to meet your unique specifications and needs, designed to succinctly and effectively communicate research results for broad use within your organization.